Question and Answers about the Snugburner

Question: How do I purchase an Electric conversion?

Through, they cover all Ireland.

Question:  What is an ElectricKit conversion?

The Electric conversion will fit all built for oil and most solid fuel or Standard AGA cookers, there is also a range for Rayburn wick type, solid fuel type and pressure jet type and immune from the problems of Low Sulphur Kerosene that every one is now supplied with.  NB the Electric conversion does not support water heating or radiator heating, it is useful to save your ageing Rayburn 400 when the boiler rots through and maintain it as a cooker and kitchen warmer.

Question: Why should I fit an ElectricKit conversion?

To save money ( a lot of it!!) and start to use the only fuel you can actually make on site…electricity!

The ElectricKit will reduce your fuel use by a minimum of of 33% (which could be 1000 Litres of oil per year saving, or more) and if the full design features of the conversion are used correctly like the ability to turn it on and off with a time clock some customers are getting savings of 60%+.

Question: Must I use a time clock?

No, but a good time clock properly used will pay very well in cost reductions, even turning it off while you are asleep in bed over night can increase savings to 45%.  The time clock puts you in control of the Aga cooker.

Question: How much oil does my wick burning Aga cooker actually use?

A typical 2 Oven Aga cooker, no water heating, set to normal oven temperature of 220 to 240C ( The Black line) 24 hours per day uses 55 to 58 Litres per week typically or around 2800 Litres per year, at 60P per litre this is about £35 per week.  If the Aga cooker has a water heater this rises to 65 to 75 Litres or about 3600 Litres per year or about £45 week to run.  4 Oven Aga cooker use a little more than 2 oven Aga cookers but for rough calculations these figures put the issue in perspective.

If we are away from home the holiday timer makes sure the Aga cooker takes a holiday too.

Question: Does the ElectricKit effecting the cooking?

We find cooking with the electric conversion better: oven heat up from cold in 1 1/2 hours.

Oven temperature more stable with big oven loads

BOTH Hot plates hotter, can stir fry (Rayburn conversion excepted).

Question: Does the ElectricKit fit my Aga cooker?

All Aga cookers can be converted back to 1942 build

Question: Does the Electric conversion need servicing?


Question: Is the Aga cooker with an ElectricKit difficult to turn on?

No, you either turn on the power or let the timer start it.  The rest is automatic