Low Sulphur Kerosene, the inside story

The UK and Ireland have been required under EEC legislation to lower the SUlphur content of the Kerosene used. Whilest this change has no effect on household boilers wick burners, such as Agas, Rayburns and Esse are adversly effected. The low suphur kerosene progressively forms carbon in the rings of the wick resulting in loss of performance in a fairly short space of time. Because the Snugburner runs at 1200c instead of about 650c it is not effected and solves the problem for Aga and Rayburn users. It also results in far higher effeciency of fuel use (80%+ verses about 50-55% at best) and typically produces savings of up to 44%.

Graham Lake, the Technical Director of a company making burners for Aga, used his recuperation period after a serious illness and an early retirement to turn his Technical abilities to design a solution to the fuel problem. Taking the Aga forward in technology some 80 years from its invention by Gustaf Dalen, Graham’s innovative solution is the “Snugburner”. The Snugburner takes the kerosene and burns it at 1200 C instead of about 650 C. This solves the issue of low Sulphur fuel and raises the efficiency of the cooker from about 55% to over 80%. As a Green by-product it also uses about 44% less fuel and can be turned “on and off” by a simple switch or time clock. Other fuels including Bio Fuel may be used too.