Snugburner launches Conversion kit for ex solid fuel Aga cookers

The  latest conversion kit available from Snughome is now going to market.  Called the “Bolt On Kit” because that is literally what it does, this kit is purpose made to convert the Old Ex Solid Fuel Conversion Aga cooker from the Don or ring Burner type to the Snugburner configuration.  This will allow the owners of these Aga cookers to capitalise on all the features previously available only to the Snugburner for the newer “Built for Oil” Aga cookers.  The Bolt on kit will allow a seamless conversion for these Older Aga cookers and access to all the features that the Snugburner opens up to the Aga cooker owner and of course solves the problems of Low Sulphur fuel now rolling out accross the UK and Ireland.  Down Boiler Services will be able to give you further details if you contact us.