The all new BI24 and BO24 is launched

The New BI24 and BO24 have arrived, after some 2 years development Snughome have launched the BI24 and BO24 replacing the EOGB model burner that had been the original  design.  The new burner takes the technology of this burner truly into the computer age.  Just as oil prices surge to an all time high and we are all looking towards making savings the latest Snugburner is perfectly positioned to do its part in adding to your household savings with your Aga going ECO friendly too.

The Snugburner will add many new features to your Aga, but top of the list must surely be fuel saving.  With the typical AGA using between 58 to 78 liters of oil a week or 2900 to 4000 L per year (not the official AGA figures I know but if you actually own have one and actually use it for cooking that is what they really use) then 40% +  savings on this have surely got to be worth looking at and that is if you never even turn it off at night!  If you utilise the full potential of the Snugburner then more than halving your AGA fuel bill over the year is a definite can do.

Massive fuel savings and better hot plate temperatures, a more stable oven when roasting not temperature dipping when you lift a lid or have a bath.  These are some of the features, but being able to turn it off and re light at the push of a button, going away for a few days?  Just turn it off.  In bed at night and asleep, why have the AGA on? Let a time clock turn it off then have it ready for you when you want it next.  Weather warm, why have it on all day?  Just have it ready to cook your dinner, 3 hour warm up from cold to roast, not half a day or more.  Boil a kettle from about 40 mins from start up.  To top it all the Snugburner is completely immune from the dreaded Low Sulphur problems, the bane of AGAs.  As some of you will have noticed the servicing interval on your AGAs is dropping considerably and the carbonising is getting worse.  A well know issue with wick burning AGAs (and Rayburns)  Low sulphur kerosene is impossible to avoid these days.  The EEC have changed the law and Low sulphur fuel is here to stay so the Snugburner, being completely immune to the curse of Low Sulphur Kerosene, is again leading the way.